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Запрос поддержки: "data:text" type redirect being blocked using Chrome Browser



As explained here, we have Chrome in SiteKiosk trying to re-direct to this type of Data URL but it's being blocked by Surfing Area. If we allow all sites, it works fine - how do we allow these data URL's to the whitelist? the capture URL is huge and seems to change on users logged in -

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Re: "data:text" type redirect being blocked using Chrome Browser 02.03.2021 17:13

open your SiteKiosk configuration file with an Editor like Notepad and look for the line

<scheme name="data" desc="data" allowed="false" />

Change it to

<scheme name="data" desc="data" allowed="true" />

Then back in the SiteKiosk configuration editor go to the surfing area settings and make entries that include common parts the URLs share, that way you most likely need one or a just a few, e.g. *://your-comp.com/datatext/*
Re: "data:text" type redirect being blocked using Chrome Browser 02.03.2021 17:48
I've changed that in the config to 'TRUE' and added in what URLs it could be wanting to access with /datatext/* on the end and it's still being blocked by Surf Area blocked navigation' - is there anything else I can check?
Re: "data:text" type redirect being blocked using Chrome Browser 02.03.2021 17:54

then you need to check the SiteKiosk log and compare the blocking entries closely with the URLs you allowed.
When the URL will be blocked by your Surfing Area settings you will have entries like this in the log:

[SiteKiosk] Notification: According to the surf area rules the navigation to  XYZ was canceled.

Further information about the Surfing Area settings here:
Re: "data:text" type redirect being blocked using Chrome Browser 05.03.2021 12:47
Thanks for the help so far - with the use of the log files I've been able to track down the URL's it was trying to access and added them to the whitelist. I'm still getting 1 more popup blocking something - from the logs its looking for this :

(Title:'*emote*' Class:'#32770') the window (Title:'Remote Control Session Status' Class:'#32770') 
- is it because I'm accessing the device remotely and it's blocking a notification? I'm using SCCM/Remote Control tools to access a remote terminal while configuring
Re: "data:text" type redirect being blocked using Chrome Browser 05.03.2021 14:01

The log message means that there is a window with the title 'Remote Control Session Status' and the window class '#32770' that has been blocked by the Window & Dialogue Management rule with the window title '*emote*' and the window class '#32770'.
It seems that this window is created by your remote access.

You can allow the window by creating a new entry (Access/Security>Block system critical windows & dialog boxes>Settings>Add), checking the option "Explicitly allow the display of this window" and entering the window title 'Remote Control Session Status', and the window class '#32770'.

Further information here

And here:

Michael Olbrich
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