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Запрос поддержки: Permission to draw over apps will not work


I have installed the latest version of Sitekiosk Android and when Iam going through the setup it will not let me know give the app permission to draw over other apps. Im using an RCA Galileo with Android version 10, Security patch August 5, 2020 and Kernel version 4.14.141.

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Re: Permission to draw over apps will not work 25.02.2021 22:55

Thank you for your inquiry. This setting varies among devices. You could try:

1. Open Settings (App)
Scroll down to Apps
Click on Three Dots or More option
Click on Configure Apps
Select Draw Over Other Apps

2. Open Settings (App)
Scroll down to Apps
Select SiteKiosk
Click on Three Dots
Click on All Permissions
Select Appear On Top
Click On.

Please let me know if this does not help.

Best regards,
Re: Permission to draw over apps will not work 01.03.2021 18:50
It does not give the me the option to turn on"display over other apps". It only says "Feature not available" and under that "This feature has been turned off because it slows down your phone". This is not a phone that Im using, its a tablet.
Re: Permission to draw over apps will not work 01.03.2021 19:30

Thank you for your response. It seems that your Android OS variation does not allow that feature. That feature is necessary to run the SiteKiosk app so that your users would not be able to reach other OS features outside of the SiteKiosk application. You could test SiteKiosk on another Android device. Each device has different settings as each manufacturer tailor their own Android releases. It is best to use any Android version closest to the one certified by Google.

Also please note that SiteKiosk Android is supported only up to Android version 9.x -


Best regards,