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Запрос поддержки: Keep cookies after reboot


Hi All,

we use the sitekiosk software to display our sharepoint page on central pc's.
When we use the IE browser not all of the features on our sharepoint page work.
When we use the Chrome browser all the features work but the user isn't logged on automaticly on the sharepoint page.
I think this is due to the deleting of the cookies and temp internet files when rebooted. Can we disabled this setting so the auto logon keeps working?

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Re: Keep cookies after reboot 16.02.2021 14:30

I would suggest using Windows authentication for this.
In that case you just need to start SiteKiosk within a Windows user account having access to the sharepoint page in other browsers (e.g. IE) without further login.

This also works with Chrome Browser Skin.

e.g. for starting the SiteKiosk Browser automatically with a domain account you can proceed like this:
First start SiteKiosk within a Windows user account with local admin rights and choose “Customized” in the quick start dialog that is displayed.

In the “Customized” start dialog:
1. Select the option "Run SiteKiosk automatically at Windows startup (auto start)" and "Auto start with shell replacement" from the dropdown.
2. Uncheck the box labeled "Settings only apply to the restricted SiteKiosk user account".
3. Check the box labeled “Disable any keyboard input during startup”
4. Check the box labeled "Log on automatically at system startup" then click the "Settings" button.
5. In the Auto Login dialog window enter the credentials for the domain user that you would like SiteKiosk to run under.
6. Click "OK" then you will be prompted to reboot for auto start.

Also see here for further information, 1.3 Customized:

Otherwise saving logins is definitely not the purpose of a kiosk software, quite the contrary actually.
Therefore SiteKiosk deletes all temporary internet files & cookies on SiteKiosk logout and screen saver activation as well as on restart by default.

You can disable the deletion of cookies at "Logout" in the SiteKiosk configuration tool.
But please note that this will affect all websites you are visiting within SiteKiosk.

Alternatively you can check this Dev Blog Article about using an external Script for auto login:

Michael Olbrich