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Запрос поддержки: Sitekiosk license renewal



at the end of the month my SiteKiosk license will expire.
If I renew today I will lose the remaining days of license or the new license will be active from today having the same day and month of the original expiry date?

Thanks in advance.

Ответ: (1)

Re: Sitekiosk license renewal 04.02.2021 16:00

First of all: In opposite to the SiteRemote Cloud Annual Plan licenses the SiteKiosk license will not stop working if it "expires".

When you purchase a SiteKiosk license, it is valid for the SiteKiosk version that is current at that time and for all versions that will be released within 12 months.
This means that if you purchase an update now, the new license will be valid for the current version 9.8.5722 and all versions released until February 2022 (and that you need to install manually).

Also note: If your SiteKiosk license is still valid, you can also purchase a maintenance license (Annual Maintenance Renewal for SiteKiosk Windows Software Support & Updates:

For further questions, please contact our sales department:

Michael Olbrich