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Запрос поддержки: SiteRemote service


When we upgrade to 1909 the KIOSK software fails to auto login because the SiteRemote service fails to start x times in 300 seconds. When i check services i don't see SiteRemote, when i try to edit the config to take out the SiteRemote parts it still tries to load, when i check event viewer, applocker, mcafee i don't see anything being blocked.

Are there any known issues for 1909 or any hotfixes?

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Re: SiteRemote service 22.01.2021 19:11

Thank you for your inquiry. We recently received a reported bug about .NET Strong Name Validation - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/assembly/disable-strong-name-bypass-feature . You could try uninstalling SiteKiosk, make the recommended changes in registry (at your own risk), restart the computer and install SiteKiosk again. If it works for you, the fix will be included in the next update release.

Otherwise, the issue is related to security settings on your Windows 10 image. You could try a default Windows 10 image from Microsoft before testing against group policy. Generally, there is no known issue with installing SiteKiosk and Windows 10 v1909.

Best regards,
Re: SiteRemote service 27.01.2021 15:40

A new SiteKiosk version was released today. Could you test this version to see if it would solve the issue you had? See: https://www.provisio.com/en-US/Downloads/Download.aspx?ItemId=1

Please be mindful that your license will need to be less than 1 year old since update or purchase for continued use.

Best regards,