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Misc: Upgrade current version



We have a couple of questions regarding the upgrade of SiteRemote Server to the latest version 6.3.0:

1) Will it require a new license key if upgrading from a previous version?
2) Is it possible to do an "inplace upgrade" - install the new version on top of the existing one?

Also with regards to SiteKiosk: Is the latest version 9.8.5547 compatible with a version of SiteRemote Server older than 6.3.0?

We look forward to your reply.

Ответ: (1)

Re: Upgrade current version 27.11.2020 13:42

When updating SiteRemote from a previous major version you need to request a new license key.
If the update is for free depends on when you purchased your current SiteRemote license.
Generally the update is for free to all versions that are published within 12 month after purchasing the license.
So actually ( Final Version) when you purchased the SiteRemote Server license in July 2019 or later.

Otherwise you need to purchase an update (Update SiteRemote Server > Current Version):
If you have futher licening questions or need an offer first please contact our sales:

Generally you can install the actual SiteRemote version over the existing version.
The technical information how to install the update is given in the installation brochure:

>>> Is the latest version 9.8.5547 compatible with a version of SiteRemote Server older than 6.3.0?<<<
Generally yes.

Michael Olbrich