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Запрос поддержки: Problems with engines


When using Internet Explorer Engine our Internetbank displays message that Internet Explorer no longer is recommended. Message display even if Internet Explorer is not installed on the PC. How do we solve this problem?
Then we tried with Chrome Engine which give message as in attached file. It seems a bit odd as we have the Basic version without content filtering. Even more odd is it because it seems to analyze our word "analys" as ".anal". How do we solve this problem?
Best regards

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Re: Problems with engines 03.11.2020 13:25

SiteKiosk can block web pages with the “Content Filter” or due to the “Surfing Area” settings.
In both cases you will see a corresponding entry in the SiteKiosk log (….\SiteKiosk\Logfiles).

The message in the attachment is from the content filter and must therefore be activated in your SiteKiosk configuration.
In addition to utilizing a list that contains domain names which are classified as forbidden by default (e.g. http://www.playboy.com) and several thousand domain names which are automatically labeled approved (e.g. http://www.cnn.com), the content filter has the ability to search websites for certain criteria provided they are not included on the list of allowed/forbidden domains. This applies, of course, to the majority of all websites.

- If a web page is blocked by the content filter you will see an entry like
[SiteCoach] Blocking URL:...
To allow any URL immediately you have the possibility to define URLs be excluded from the filtering process “--> Content Filte-->URLs Excluded from Filtering”

- When the URL will be blocked by your Surfing Area settings you will have entries like this in the log:
[SiteKiosk] Notification: According to the surf area rules the navigation to XYZ was canceled.
Then compare it closely with the URLs that you have allowed in the “Surfing Area” settings.

Michael Olbrich