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Misc: Swipe from left minimize the kiosk mode


Once I set up the kiosk mode - I was able to swipe from left to middle & get the kiosk mode as a tab in the touch display. There I am able to add a new tab. Did I miss some setting here?
I am using version 9.7 Build 5026

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Re: Swipe from left minimize the kiosk mode 07.10.2019 17:00

Based on your description, it seemed you were using a Windows 10 system set to tablet mode and SiteKiosk was started in "Start once" mode. You may need to use "Auto Start" to prevent this behavior.

Best regards.
Re: Swipe from left minimize the kiosk mode 08.10.2019 4:42
Thanks for your reply.
Yes; my system is Windows 10, I'm trying to set tablet mode.

Exactly, I started with "Start Once", when I tried to do with "Auto Start" - I was getting error message "Logon information incorrect. Username and/or password incorrect. Please check if you have typed them in correctly".

I had keyed in passwords in SiteKiosk Configuration > Password > Set Password. The same password was set for restricted user account (SiteKiosk Restricted User Account).

Please help to resolve.
Re: Swipe from left minimize the kiosk mode 08.10.2019 15:28

Thank you for explaining some of the difficulties you were having. I will provide the solution in two stages. First we will set or change the default password of the Restricted User Account . Last we will manually configure the Auto Start settings to reflect the changes.

Changing the password to the SiteKiosk Windows User Account
1) Log on to the computer as the administrator.
2) Select Start > All Programs > SiteKiosk > System Security Manager.
3) In the System Security Quick Start screen, select ‘Customized’ and click the ‘OK’ button.
4) The next screen will provide more options to select, click the “User account” button.
5) Click the checkbox for Change password, then enter your new password twice. If you are in a domain environment, please follow your organization's strong password rules.
6)Click "OK" to apply the changes.

If you do not have System Security Manager installed. You can still use your own limited user domain account to run SiteKiosk. Either way follow these steps for both situations.

1. Configure SiteKiosk and save your configuration file in C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Config and exit SiteKiosk.
2. Select "Start SiteKiosk" from your Windows programs menu.
3. Select "Customized" then click OK.
4. Select the radio button labeled "Run SiteKiosk automatically at Windows startup" and choose "Autostart with shell replacement" from the dropdown.
5. If using a domain account, uncheck the box labeled "Settings only apply to the restricted user account". Otherwise, leave checked.
6. If using a domain account, best to uncheck the box labeled "Disable any keyboard input during startup".
7. Check the box labeled "Log on automatically at system startup" and click the "Settings" button.
8. Enter the Username (for SiteKiosk the user name is just SiteKiosk), Password and Domain (<PC/computer name> for local accounts) you had setup prior.
9. Click "OK" then click "Yes" when prompted to reboot. After rebooting, you should see the Windows log on automatically, then SiteKiosk will start.

You may encounter situations where your domain environment would prevent Registry edits by SiteKiosk to allow a normal Auto Start. This may require some changes by your organization. Please let me know if you encounter this problem.

Best regards.
Re: Swipe from left minimize the kiosk mode 09.10.2019 8:08
Thank you for the awesome descriptive information.
It solved the problem.

I had the System Security Manager installed & I did the change password as per the steps you mentioned.
After that, I was able to do "Auto Start" without any issues.

Appreciate your prompt help !