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Support Request: Need general help with SiteKiosk


Before the Pandemic we lost the person that administered and configured the SiteKiosk software and we have been fortunate up until now to not require changes to the current Sitekiosk systems. I now have a request to enable access to an external website that was added to one of our HR sites and I need to install the software on my system so that I can make the changes required. I have the software but I don't know who has the license for the software. I need to know who to contact to be added to the system since this will be ongoing for me to support. I did work with the software about a year ago and I'm sure I can work my way through the steps needed to add the URL to the allowed websites, but I'm concerned I might break something using using an unregistered version. Can I just do the change on an existing remote system running the SiteKiosk and copy the configuration to the rest of the machines?

Thanks in Advance!

Gary Scott
Desktop Engineer
Carhartt Inc.

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Re: Need general help with SiteKiosk 05/03/2021 14:38

Thank you for your inquiry. You can find all of our contact information here - or click the US flag above. For any licensing questions, you send send an inquiry email to our Sales Team: sales-america(at) . You can reach out to our Support Team by calling or sending an email to support-america(at) . You can find a lot of information on SiteKiosk through our Help File -

When you install SiteKiosk, you install a full version and all main features are unlocked except Restricted user account changes and password protection. Some of the settings from your older computer can be found in:

Configuration - C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Config (*.skcfg files, ignore *.skcfg.local)
Start Screen - C:\Users\Public\SiteKiosk\content (the entire folder).
Media Content - C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Html (images, videos, html folders, PDFs etc.)

You are free to explore and edit the settings with the unregistered version you have installed.

Best regards,