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Support Request: On-Screen keyboard and Flippingbook Publisher 2021.1 catalogue


We are having trouble with On-Screen keyboard and latest Flippingbook Publisher 2021.1 catalogue. Link to catalogue There is a search function in upper right corner. Clicking on search will open On-Screen keyboard only once, if you close it, it will not appear again. It was working with previous version of Flippingbook. We are using Chrome browser engine. On-Screen keyboard works with IE engine, but then is there other problems with: animations, double click zoom, clicking links in table of contents.

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Re: On-Screen keyboard and Flippingbook Publisher 2021.1 catalogue 19/01/2021 14:17

The SiteKiosk onscreen keyboard generally maximizes automatically if the focus is set to an input field (input event from Windows).

It seems that on this page the focus gets lost after clicking into the input field (due to any code on that page).

The easiest workaround would be that you disable the option "Hide keyboard bar at lower edge of display" at "Start Page & Browser>On-Screen Keyboard>Advanced".
Then users can maximize the keyboard again when it was minimized (and it stays maximized).

Alternatively you can use an external script for this.
Here an example without any further support.

Copy & paste these lines into an editor (e.g. Notepad or Notepad++) and save it as JS file (e.g. maxKeyboard.js) to "…\SiteKiosk\Html".

SiteKiosk.Keyboard.OnFullKeyboard = onFull;

function onFull(){
		SiteKiosk.Scheduler.AddDelayedEvent(1500, maxKeyboard);

function maxKeyboard (eventID){
	//max keyboard
	SiteKiosk.Keyboard.Small = false;
	SiteKiosk.Keyboard.Visible = true;
	SiteKiosk.Keyboard.Full = true;

Then add the script file to the SiteKiosk configuration (Start Page & Browser>Advanced>On startup of SiteKiosk, execute the following script file).

Michael Olbrich