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Support Request: How to allow video training file to play


How can I create a button on welcome screen for user to play a training video? which folder can i keep the video file and how can I allow it to be played under windows media player or any other player?

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Re: How to allow video training file to play 21/12/2020 15:37

Thank you for your inquiry. What type of welcome screen do you have? Is it a web page? Is it Start Screen from Start Page and Browser? For example, if using Start Screen, you would use the HTML element and link to your local file (*.mp4 or *.mov preferred). Your link would look like this: file:///C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Html\myvideofile.mp4 . Your video will launch in the SiteKiosk browser and an additional software is not required.

Additionally, you could create web link buttons in the SiteKiosk Browser toolbar. In SiteKiosk configuration>>Start Page and Browser>>Customize (Browser)[green button]>>Browser Toolbar, scroll down to see additional browser web link buttons.

You can also use SiteKiosk browser to launch local image, PDF and html files with the file:/// protocol. You will need to make sure your videos and images match your own monitor resolution settings. Your files will need to be accessible in Auto Start mode, so feel free to use the ....SiteKiosk\HTML\ folder (details below).

See Start Screen tutorial:

Important folder locations:
Configuration - C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Config (*.skcfg files, ignore *.skcfg.local)
Start Screen - C:\Users\Public\SiteKiosk\content (the entire folder).
Media Content - C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Html (images, videos, html folders, PDFs etc.)

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