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Misc: Version to Migrate Help



I'd like to migrate my old version Sitekiosk Windows 8.7.1435 to the new one on Windows 10 Professional. Perhaps (SiteKiosk 9.8.5547 Final Version).
Actually, I've one licence "ALKEV/La Borne Multimedia 66743" bought.

1- Can i migrate to "SiteKiosk Windows Non-Profit" or "Sitekiosk Basic" or Sitekiosk version update" for one licence ? What is the correct version to buy for my company ? Thank you.


Francis TIEN

Réponse: (1)

Re: Version to Migrate Help 09/10/2020 09:31

When purchasing an update license you will get back the same license type like before.
So if you e.g. have a basic license for SiteKiosk 8.x you get back a basic license for SiteKiosk 9.8.
Otherwise you additionally need to purchase an upgrade.
The prices you can find in our web shop:

For further information please contact our sales
Or the reseller you purchased the license from.

You can find technical information about the SiteKiosk Update here

If you also switch the Operating System (e.g. from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10) I would recommend a new / clean installation.

Michael Olbrich