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Misc: Maintenance support.....



We have purchased SiteKiosk a year ago (customer number: 1829172) and our maintenance is valid until 02/2019.
Can we still use the software in February without added support? And in March?
We still need it to work until the 3th of March, so we need to be sure the software still works without maintenance support.

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Re: Maintenance support..... 21/02/2019 14:34

The support period (12 month after purchasing the license) as well as maintenance period (can be purchased optionally to get additional support time span) includes free updates to SiteKiosk versions that will be published in that period of time and free support via e-mail, phone or forum.

The SiteKiosk software itself will continue to run even after the support period has expired.
(but you cannot update to never versions)

If you have furhter questuons about licenseing please contact our sales:

Michael Olbrich