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Rapport bogue: Sitekiosk Registration Failed


Installed last version of sitekiosk
Registered our license key
Error Appear (see attachement)


Good morning,
we try to register oul license key on a new sitekiosk machine but registration fails with error: "The upgrade period on you license key is expired and this version of sitekiosk cannot be activated. Use a prevuious version of sitekiosk or purchase the upgrade.
We cannot understand why we got this error.
Kind Regards

Réponse: (2)

Re: Sitekiosk Registration Failed 29/01/2019 12:34

This is not a bug but a wanted behavior. The message means that the SiteKiosk license you use doesn’t cover the SiteKiosk version you have installed.

Generally the SiteKiosk license is valid for all versions that are published within 12 month after purchasing the license (see invoice date).
Here you can find the download of all SiteKiosk versions incl. their release date:

Otherwise you need to purchase an update license for using the current SiteKiosk version 9.7:

Michael Olbrich
Re: Sitekiosk Registration Failed 29/01/2019 12:38
Ok Michael thank you for your answer
Kind Regards