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Limited support is available during this period.
We at PROVISIO wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


FAQ: Using Adobe Flash with Chrome Browser Skins of SiteKiosk


SiteKiosk 8.91-9.1:
For security reasons using Adobe Flash (NPAPI) with the Chrome Browser skins (“Chrome Browser” skin and “Chrome Fullscreen Browser” skin) is not supported by default in SiteKiosk 8.91-9.1.
If Adobe Flash is required you will normally need to switch to an Internet Explorer skin where Adobe Flash is supported with the corresponding Adobe Flash Plug-in for IE (for historical reasons).
If you require using Adobe Flash with the Chrome Browser skins in SiteKiosk 8.91-9.1 you can proceed as follows:

SiteKiosk 9.2 and later:
Since SiteKiosk 9.2 you can enable Flash support in the configuration under Start Page & Browser -> Chrome Browser -> Customize -> Settings.
Additionally you need to download and install the 32-bit Adobe Flash Player for Opera and Chromium (PPAPI) from the Adobe website

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