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Soporte de pedidos: Application not opening properly


We have an .exe that has suddenly stopped working. The button is unresponsive and the logs only say 'Unable to execute' with no other information. I confirmed the application is pointing to the correct location and am able to get it to open using the 'Test' button but it will not work in production.
It was working at one time but suddenly stopped.

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Re: Application not opening properly 30/03/2021 14:36

Thank you for your inquiry. Neither the SiteKiosk configuration nor the access rights of the SiteKiosk user (set by the System-Security-Manager) change during runtime. There is a possibility the access rights of the SiteKiosk user to that folder may have changed due to any group or domain policy settings or it has been changed by someone
else using the System-Security-Manager application prior. The SiteKiosk user is a standard local user account with additional policies applied.

You can try to set Read&Execute rights or even Full Access to that folder (using the System-Security-Manager>>Customized >>Folder Access) and test again -
you can also check if that EXE is listed at "Programs” in System-Security-Manager>>Customized:

Nonetheless, all these settings can be overwritten by domain policies. Generally, if a problem like this suddenly reoccurs without any of these settings being changed (or if the above doesn’t help), you should check your group or domain policies.

Best regards,