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Soporte de pedidos: Screen saver won't play


I've copied a handful of JPG's to the local restricted SiteKiosk's documents folder. Running on Win 10 Pro. When I preview the rotating screen saver through the SiteKiosk config the images play just fine. But when the screen saver automatically activates after the inactivity period expires, all we see is a blank black screen. Any suggestions? We've used this software going back to 2015-2016, and never had the quirk happen in the past. Same image set that worked on an older SiteKiosk version on an Win 7 Pro PC.

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Re: Screen saver won't play 22/02/2021 18:32
I did read some suggestions about changing to the IE Metro skin so that the local user folder would work better for screen saver media. Since it didn't look very intuitive to use Chrome and then configure the SiteKiosk Player to reference the file:/// URL's for the images. Will see what happens now, since I changed to the IE Metro Skin. Was hesitant to do so, since IE has been phasing out for awhile now. Seeing that Microsoft is pushing everyone to use Edge.
Re: Screen saver won't play 22/02/2021 18:44
I went ahead and flipped the browser to Chrome, and manually specified each of the file:/// entries for the SiteKiosk Player. This seems to be the only way to consistently play screen saver content in the app. A little clumsy but should work at least.
Re: Screen saver won't play 22/02/2021 19:30
You have two options for showing a folder of pictures instead of choosing the images individually. The following are two options and two ways of doing the same thing. Both work with either the IE or Chrome option in the current version of SiteKiosk. The way that you have used to set them up individually will work as well. That option also allows you to select the order and duration the images are displayed.

1. Choose the "Photos" screensaver from the drop down. This refers to the Windows Photos screensaver. The reason you saw it work correctly in your test but not in Autostart mode is that these settings are Windows user specific and in Autostart mode, SiteKiosk runs under a different Windows user account. In that case, you need to log in to the SiteKiosk Windows user account and adjust the Windows Photos screensaver settings to meet your needs. As a best practice, you should choose a folder for the photos that is available to any Windows user like C:\Users\Public\Documents. You will find the information about logging in to the SiteKiosk Windows user account to change user dependent settings here:

2. The second option to is to use a script to show the images. This option does not require that you log in to the SiteKiosk Windows user account. The instructions for that are in the Readme file in the script download here:
Re: Screen saver won't play 23/02/2021 17:34
For the Windows/IE version of this functionality, I purposely tried housing the images in the c:\users\public folder (with full UNC path) and pointing SiteKiosk there. So that way there wouldn't be any abnormalities. But it was still quirky.

So the SiteKiosk Player/Chrome version of this functionality is in place. It works, although the SiteKiosk Player doesn't automatically scale high-res images. So I have to manually resize all images to be within smaller dimensions. A bit clunky as I've said. But it works!