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Soporte de pedidos: Kiosk Browser is not loading after activating Protected mode (Auto)


After activating the license for the software and loading an existing skcfg, i activated the protected mode. After the reboot, it just stop at a white background with a locked vault. Even after waiting for more than 1 hour, the browser will not be displayed. Do you have an email address which i can upload the screenshot and skcfg file as they are blocked on my notebook/s browser?

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Re: Kiosk Browser is not loading after activating Protected mode (Auto) 10/02/2021 15:10

Thank you for your inquiry. You can send your configuration and log files to support-america(at) referencing this forum post. Some questions to ask, "Does this happen in Start Once mode only?"

"Have you tested a default a new configuration file?"

"Are you using your kiosk in a domain network or enterprise installation?"

"Were you using Windows RDP at the time of testing?"

Best regards,
Re: Kiosk Browser is not loading after activating Protected mode (Auto) 16/02/2021 6:56
Dear Andre,
my reply:
1) No, it loaded site kiosk browser in "Start Once Mode"
2) today I tried a new / default setting, worked well in start once mode but stuck at the background with a white locked vault and no browser is displayed. Have to force shutdown 10 times to load the Windows 10.
3) unsure what is enterprise installation. t is not in domain, rather in standalone mode
4) not running in Windows RDP, launched Site Kiosk in an admin account
Re: Kiosk Browser is not loading after activating Protected mode (Auto) 16/02/2021 15:29

Thank you for your response. Do you have another antivirus software installed other than Windows Defender? Could you try removing it and test again? (There are no known issues with Windows Defender and SiteKiosk's "Auto Start" mode.)

Even if you are not on a domain, when you are using a Windows image originally from a domain configuration, there may be group policies that prevent SiteKiosk from running in Auto Start mode (Shell replacement - Sections 1.2, 1.3 - ).

Possibly, you are being affected by driver related issues relative to that device. You could try updating your device drivers.

Another test you could try, is switching between IE and Chrome browser engines. If IE works but not Chrome, then you will need to make sure your device meets to minimum requirements - . Even so, this should not cause the freezing at all but slow performance instead.

If nothing else works, test a default Windows 10 image directly from Microsoft. It should give a basis to compare against your current setup.

Best regards,