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Support Request: Credit Card Payment - 3DS2 Support?


Do any of the SiteKiosk Credit Card Payment options offer support for 3DS2 payments? I can't see any reference to this in the Help documentation.

This is required to comply with PSD2, currently being rolled out throughout Europe, see e.g.

Answer: (2)

Re: Credit Card Payment - 3DS2 Support? 4/1/2021 1:46 PM

In the SiteKiosk configuration you can activate 3D Secure when using one the following credit card gateways:
DPS PaymentExpress
DIBS payment
(You can see it in the configuration settings for the corresponding gateways)

The rest applies to the credit card gateway (e.g. if 3DS2 is supported or not).

Michael Olbrich
Re: Credit Card Payment - 3DS2 Support? 4/1/2021 4:16 PM
Hello Michael, thank you for the prompt response. We will try one of these options.