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Support Request: Chrome not saving cached credentials


We have a button pointing to Sharepoint Online and every time it open, we are prompted for credentials. We have selected the option to 'Remember Me' but it continues to prompt. It appears to be removing history/cached data after every session. Is there a setting we can adjust so this does not happen every time we open this page?

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Re: Chrome not saving cached credentials 3/30/2021 3:18 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Saving logins is definitely not the purpose of a kiosk software. By default, SiteKiosk deletes the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies on SiteKiosk Logout and screen saver activation.

Also see:
And “3.2 Execute logout“

You might disable the deletion of cookies in the Logout settings of the configuration of SiteKiosk. But note that this will obviously affect all websites you are visiting within SiteKiosk. A SiteKiosk or computer restart may remove session based cookies.

Therefore you may also check the alternatives like using Windows authentication on your web server. This works in IE and Chrome Browser skin. The authentication works via the Windows user you are logged into Windows with and you only have to make sure in the web server settings that this user (Auto Start = SiteKiosk user) is allowed to access the page.

You can check out this Dev Blog Article about using an external Script for auto login:
(This will not work with Microsoft Online services due to extra security. However, it may work on other websites)

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