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Support Request: sitekiosk users deleted


Hi, our company IT department mistakenly pushed down to delete unauthorized users, and all sitekiosk user is deleted in the terminals. Can I know step by step instruction on how do I create, change password, and configure to auto start sitekiosk upon reboot. Thank you.

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Re: sitekiosk users deleted 3/26/2021 2:02 PM

Thank you for your inquiry and sorry to hear what happened. To install the restricted user account, you will use these commands in Command Prompt:

1. In Command Prompt, enter command cd %SiteKioskPath% or cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk"

2. Then this command (allow some time to finish), SystemSecurity /uninstall

3. Check if the directory named "SiteKiosk" still exists under "C:\Users". If so, delete it manually.

4. Run this last command, SystemSecurity /install

or change the command to include a strong password to match your organization's requirements (edit "MyPassword12! as needed"), SystemSecurity /install [/user:SiteKiosk /pass:MyPassword12!]

5. Restart the computer.

(If you need to change the restricted user password after this, then open "System Security Manager" application then select Customized>>User Account>>Change Password and click OK.)

6. In your admin account, open "Start SiteKiosk" application and select "Auto Start".

Best regards,