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Support Request: Startup.xml for unnatended autostart with local Sitekiosk account


we are trying to set up kind of automated setup for enabling autologin with local Sitekiosk account.
What values should be in the startup.xml config if we want to use local Sitekiosk account?
It cannot be a specific computer name - as this "package" containing the generic startup.xml would be distributed to multiple machines.

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Re: Startup.xml for unnatended autostart with local Sitekiosk account 3/16/2021 1:01 PM

In this case, on a computer where SiteKiosk has already been configured, you can simply set the Customized start settings to Auto Start mode and then export the "startup.xml" file.

First start SiteKiosk within a Windows user account with local admin rights and choose “Customized” in the quick start dialog that is displayed.
In the “Customized” start dialog:
1. Select the option "Run SiteKiosk automatically at Windows startup (auto start)" and "Auto start with shell replacement" from the dropdown.
2. Check the box labeled "Settings only apply to the restricted SiteKiosk user account".
3. Check the box labeled “Disable any keyboard input during startup”
4. Check the box labeled "Log on automatically at system startup"
!Do note use the "Settings" button at "Log on automatically at system startup". The SiteKiosk user is setup by default. Otherwise if you confirm that settings dialog with OK the given domain/computer name is stored in the XML.
5. Click "Export" to get the startup.xml.

If you leave the SiteKiosk user as it is setup by default, no domain/workgroup information will be stored in the XML (only name and PW).
Example from a startup.xml (the password is encrypted and cannot be edited):


Michael Olbrich