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Support Request: Read PDF from folder on system



For a customer I am trying to create a folder with some PDF's on the system running SiteKiosk. The customer wants to open these so (sensitive) information can be viewed, but not deleted of copied.

I am trying this on a test system, however I am not able to get it working because the PDF is not opening

I get a screen mentioning Access Denied - ERR_ACCESS_DENIED, behing that screen there is a screen mentioning that the surf filter has prevented naviagation.

The folders are accepted in the surfing area as well, setup for example like this: "file://C:\PDF\*"

Whatever I try this error occurs. I have also tried if this issue is caused by the default PDF viewer but this doesn't seem to be the problem. The built in pdf viewer also doesn't work. I also tried this configuration rule:

 <filter enabled="true" player="pdf" content="application/pdf" action="2"/> 


 <filter enabled="true" player="pdf" content="application/pdf" action="2"/> 

Can you please assist me? Everything I tried by searching on forum doesn't change a thing.


Answer: (1)

Re: Read PDF from folder on system 3/2/2021 3:54 PM

what exact build version of SiteKiosk 9.8 are you using?
Are you using the IE or Chrome browser of SiteKiosk?
If SiteKiosk is blocking access you will see a corresponding entry in the SiteKiosk logs (under ..\SiteKiosk\logs in the installation folder of SiteKiosk). What exactly does this entry say?
How exactly are the files accessed (e.g. links on a web page)?
Has the user you are running SiteKiosk under the necessary rights to access the folder the files are stored?