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Support Request: Automatic navigation after playing a video


we are testing your Siteremote/Sitecaster software.
We need to build a kiosk that let the user to select a video from a list and play it on a separate page, we did a test but we didn't find a way to automatically get back to the listing page once the video is finished.
Can you help us?


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Re: Automatic navigation after playing a video 2/23/2021 2:31 PM

This is e.g. possible when you add the video to a pop-up element. The pop-up window (can also open maximized) will close automatically when the video has finished.
The pop-up feature is available as a basic property of standard elements, e.g. an image. You can for example add several images to a page and then put different videos as pop-up to them. Then users can open the videos by clicking on the images.
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Michael Olbrich