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Support Request: SiteKiosk Not Recognizing Profile Name Change


I had a HDD replacement for a computer that had a profile name of GATEHOUSE, after the HDD replacement the profile name is RECA Security and then renamed back to GATEHOUSE. When I am trying to assign an application file path on the Desktop the file path is for RECA Security not GATEHOUSE. When I go to launch the application in kiosked mode it will not launch, I believe this is because the file path is a different profile name. How do I correct this?

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Re: SiteKiosk Not Recognizing Profile Name Change 2/3/2021 4:10 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that SiteKiosk 8.91 is out of support and also not supported on Windows 10. I would recommend to uninstall SiteKiosk 8.91, create a new user with the name GATEHOUSE and then install the actual SiteKiosk version. You would need to create backups of your configuration files before you do so.

When renaming a Windows user account, only the display name changes and the user paths are still the same (C:\Users\[user name]). This however, would not be the cause of your issue.

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