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Support Request: How to run Windoes URI command


Hi Team,

We are in process to setup a touch screen tablet with SiteKiosk configuration. We would like to ability to users for connecting WiFi.

After researching and trying different options - we found a way to open to Network Connection list box using URI command.

The following command works outside of SiteKiosk and opens up the Network Connection box. However, same tried within SiteKiosk it fails.

We are executing this command using a powershell script via exe.

Command: explorer ms-availablenetworks:

We have checked the error logs but no specific error shown. Also, we have tried running SiteKiosk with (System Critical Key combination & Windows-dialog box) allowed but still no luck.

Can you please advise on how to achieve this ?

Thank you,

Answer: (1)

Re: How to run Windoes URI command 12/30/2020 4:29 PM
There is not a solution using uri commands but I sent you a separate email with suggestions about how to accomplish this.