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Support Anfrage: shell command via tcp


I am a very new user with sitekiosk and also with windows, sorry. I need some help with basics.
This is my case:
I need to send a shell shutdown command via tcp to a sitekiosk machine in a private LAN. I made a small app (made with cycling'74 max software) that runs in background in the kiosk to receive the message via tcp.
This is the difficulties I have:

1 - the shell command (shutdown /s) does not work when I call it with sitekiosk running (I can easily send commands to the shell when I am under admin user).

2 - the tcp connection seems not to work when I have Sitekiosk running. Is this possible?
I had to create a forward rule (netsh advfirewall firewall etc..) to make it work under admin user, maybe I shall do it with the restricted user too?

3 - The small app I use to receive the tcp packet has a small (empty) window. I would like to have it really in the background, I mean not viewable. Is it possible to have the Sitekiosk navigator in the upperfront so that all other apps are hidden in the back? (I can hide the nav bar to avoid the possibility to navigate through apps, since I only use the kiosk for web surfing via touch-screen)

I thank you so much for any help.


Antwort: (1)

Re: shell command via tcp 22.02.2021 09:03

SiteKiosk does not contain any firewall or anti-virus function. Therefore the TCP connection problem must apply to Windows.

Generally the supported way to shut down the machine is using the maintenance settings in the SiteKiosk configuration (see: https://www.provisio.com/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/default.htm?maintenance.htm) or even a SiteRemote job if you want to do it remotely (SiteRemote: https://www.provisio.com/web/uk/products/kiosk-remote-management-siteremote Jobs: https://www.siteremote.net/help/en-US/05cajobs.aspx).

However, e.g. the shutdown.exe is blocked by default, when logged in to the SiteKiosk user account (as well as some other system exe files).
You can allow them by using the System-Security-Manager that is installed with SiteKiosk and you can find in the start menu of your admin account (SiteKIosk user must not be logged in when using the System-Security-Manager).
E.g. choose Cutomized and then go to Programs.
Also see: https://www.provisio.com/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/default.htm?step_2_-_security_manager.htm

Here some further information about using external applications with SiteKiosk:

Here another FAQ about autostart of an application at Windows logon:

As SiteKiosk has no influence to the external application it usually cannot hide it.
You may check if there is any parameter available for your exe to start it e.g. minimized.
Otherwise there might be scripting options to e.g. minimize the application window. Here an example that works the other way round and maximizes an application window:

But I still would advise using the SiteKiosk configuration options or SiteRemote as that is the supported way. And also note:
If you shut down the machine from outside of SiteKiosk you will always get an “abnormal sitekiosk program termination” in the log as the default and supported way to shut down the machine is using SiteKiosk.

Michael Olbrich