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Verschiedenes: Number of Print Jobs per Month using SiteKiosk


We are using SiteKiosk on our 20 kiosks. Do you have a report which shows how many printouts our Kiosks perform each month?

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Re: Number of Print Jobs per Month using SiteKiosk 30.11.2020 16:45

Thank for your inquiry. If you have a SiteRemote annual plan (https://www.siteremote.net/) or your own in-house SiteRemote Server, then you can generate a report for the number of pages printed that was done in a given period (days). If you have never used this service before, then a report cannot be generated for the backdated logs. Basically, there is no way to upload past data.

You can try the service for free for 30 days on https://www.siteremote.net/ . After you register, open the SiteKiosk configuration and register the SiteKiosk client to your SiteRemote team (Remote Monitoring). See http://www.provisio.com/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/default.htm?remote_monitoring.htm .

You can read more on SiteRemote here - https://www.siteremote.net/help/en-US/index.aspx
- https://www.provisio.com/web/us/products/kiosk-remote-management-siteremote

Best regards,
Re: Number of Print Jobs per Month using SiteKiosk 01.12.2020 05:09

We already use SiteRemote cloud on SiteRemote.net. We have registered all our kiosks already - we have been registered for over a decade. You should be able to see this from our activity. We can see all different types of activity - number of sessions, average session times, However, when we check the reports there is no option to show the printing count.

Please provide further instructions, as it seems we are not on the same page.
Re: Number of Print Jobs per Month using SiteKiosk 01.12.2020 15:06

Thank you for your response. What you are looking for is found in the Usage reports (HTML, XML or CSV). Click on Reports (left bar), in either Reports or Scheduled Reports sections, click on "Create New" or "New Scheduled Report", the radio buttons of your choice (HTML or CSV/XML) and select Usage.

As long as your log files have not been deleted automatically or the Log Message Level has not been increased past at most 20 by settings in Administration (left bar)>>Settings (tab)>>Log Message Settings section, then you will see figures past 0 in your reports. You can find "Pages Printed" in the Overall Usage Data section of the report.

Best regards,
Re: Number of Print Jobs per Month using SiteKiosk 02.12.2020 03:30
I have checked the Admin > Settings > Log Message settings:
- Message Level = Zero (all)
- Immediately delete log files from the selected month and older = Nov 2020

I ran the Usage Report Yesterday and this is what I got...... there is no reference to "Pages Printed"

SiteKiosk Windows
Usage Report by Machine
# of Machines Analyzed: 19
Timeframe: 11/1/2020 12:00:00 AM to 11/30/2020 11:59:59 PM

Count Machine Name Total Run Time: Total Session Time Number of Sessions
1 <PCName> 28:13:22 4:03:24 6365
2 <PCName> 28:10:46 3:04:19 3958
3 <PCName> 29:22:52 1:19:05 3016
4 <PCName> 29:22:58 1:17:55 2929
5 <PCName> 29:18:23 1:23:06 2842
6 <PCName> 29:05:49 2:06:28 2831
7 <PCName> 29:05:23 2:09:00 2825
8 <PCName> 29:22:57 0:16:13 2442
9 <PCName> 28:16:45 1:15:50 2344
10 <PCName> 28:13:13 1:15:07 2335
11 <PCName> 29:22:55 0:21:38 2308
12 <PCName> 29:22:56 1:19:02 2225
13 <PCName> 29:22:48 1:09:30 2016
14 <PCName> 29:23:46 0:13:26 703
15 <PCName> 2:21:01 0:05:00 295
16 <PCName> 2:20:32 0:09:44 274
17 <PCName> 2:20:16 0:02:54 254
18 <PCName> 2:20:41 0:03:51 184
19 <PCName> 29:23:59 7:08:07 106

I have setup a Daily email report for tomorrow. I will see if there are any differences in the Scheduled Report vs. a Normal Report.

Lastly, I can see there is an option for "Add Filter". Can this be used to filter what we need? Should we set this to "Pages Printed"?
Re: Number of Print Jobs per Month using SiteKiosk 02.12.2020 15:51

Thank you for your response. Are you using your own SiteRemote Server? You will see the version number beside the SiteRemote logo on the top left corner of the webpage. The most current version( would have this option:

- Automatically delete machine log files after [1] month(s)

The most important thing is that as long as you still have your log files, you would be able to generate the report. I will send you an email with the screenshots of the options available and where in the reports you will see this. Unless you are using an older version (SiteRemote), the previous instruction is the solution to the question you had asked.

Best regards,
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