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Bug Report: Terminal Offline issue


Terminal Offline.
This terminal is currently not connected to the network. Should this problem persist, please contact your local system administrator.

I also got another error at some point:

Infineon Security Platform Taskbar Notification Icon
Creation of Taskbar Notification Icon failed. (0x80004005)



We are using your software for our projects and one of our clients currently has the kiosk broken with a message:

"Terminal Offline
This terminal is currently not connected to the network. Should this problem persist, please contact your local system administrator."

I connected remotely and I tried to "ping" some addresses in the cmd tool but that did not work, which means that the local computer cannot access the internet.

I also logged out and logged back in with another non-restricted user, then tried the internet and with that user the internet works very well, so it only seems to happen with a restricted user that has SiteKiosk running.

Please let me know if you have encountered this error and if you know what can be done to fix it.

Thank you very much.


Antwort: (3)

Re: Terminal Offline issue 21.11.2019 09:32

As far as I can see this is not a SiteKiosk bug. Generally SiteKiosk just uses the network connection of the Windows system and the “Terminal Offline” page is just loaded when the configured start page URL cannot be loaded.

In regards to your description it might be about any user depended network or proxy setting.
You should check if you can load the configured start page URL with using any other browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) while logged in with the SiteKiosk user.
To be able to start the IE you can follow the description of this FAQ (admin rights for the SiteKiosk user should not be necessary):

After making sure the page can load in the SiteKiosk user account it should also work in SiteKiosk Browser-

In case it works in another browser while you are logged in as a SiteKiosk user without having to make any changes, it is also possible that an application located in the startup folder of the Windows Start menu needs to be loaded to establish the connection or the "Infineon Security Platform" prevents SiteKiosk from loading the URL.
For the first case see:

Also note: When you implement your own application, you may have to observe certain user access rights. These include “read AND write access” to the corresponding directories.
If necessary, you can use the System Security Wizard to adjust this and other rights for the SiteKiosk user.

Also the message

Infineon Security Platform Taskbar Notification Icon
Creation of Taskbar Notification Icon failed. (0x80004005)

does not directly apply to SiteKiosk.

It means that the Infineon Security Platform cannot create a taskbar icon. When SiteKiosk starts in "Auto Start" mode with shell replacement, there is no Windows taskbar and the application does not seem to be able to handle it?
You may check if it works when you disable the option “Display only programs in the notification area that were launched by SiteKiosk” so that also that icon is displayed in the SiteKiosk taskbar.
Michael Olbrich
Re: Terminal Offline issue 22.11.2019 10:38
Dear Michael,

Thank you for your detailed description.
I was able to fix the network issue, but the one with the taskbar still remains.
I tried your fix and it did not work unfortunatelly.

It's not the end of the workd, but as you know, some customers are quite particular and want things to work perfectly...
Do you know anything else we can try to make it go away?

Can something be setup in windows (outside of sitekiosk) to manage that?
It seems like when I'm starting under Restricted user , sitekiosk does not allow the taskbar at all, so maybe it's still Sitekiosk that is blocking it.

Thank you again for the support.


Re: Terminal Offline issue 22.11.2019 10:57

When SiteKiosk starts in "Auto Start" mode it will do a shell replacement and there is no Windows taskbar. This is by design.
Also see: https://www.provisio.com/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/default.htm?select_starting_mode.htm

In regards to your description the problem is that the “Infineon Security Platform” tries to create a task bar icon but cannot handle that there is no task bar.
The only way to remove that error is checking that application (because the error message comes from the application and not from SiteKiosk).
Maybe a newer version of that application can handle that there is no task bar or maybe there is a setting that it can be started without creating a task bar icon?
Or check whether the application is absolutely necessary for the operation of the terminal. Otherwise uninstall it or remove the program from the automatic start (msconfig.exe).

Michael Olbrich