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Bug Report: Install SiteKiosk Freezed


cf screen shot in file upload


We are trying to install sitekiosk withou sitekiosk user. We used the command found in the documentation
the setup is freezed in cmd console
we had to closed the cmd windows to complete the install.
Can you explain why ? are we doing something wrong ?


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Re: Install SiteKiosk Freezed 04.11.2019 11:58

Unfortunately there was no attachment. But generally I am not able to reproduce this (I did just copy & paste the command you posted for installing SiteKiosk 9.7.5026 via command line on a Windows 10 1903 system).
After confirming the UAC dialog from Windows the installation dialog of SiteKiosk was displayed to continue with the installation (and the installation has also worked and finished successfully).

Otherwise you can also check using this command to just not install the SiteKiosk user account and then do a custom installation to be able to select to not download the VNC dlls.


Or even try this to do a silent installation


Note that you still need to confirm the UAC dialog from Windows then, except when you run the CMD window with “Run as administrator”.
Then it takes a while until the installation has finished and you can check the task manager for the msiexec.exe processes to finish (also checked that for you and it worked).

Of course you always have to make sure having full local admin rights with the user account you run the SiteKiosk installer in.

Here a general overview about the command line options when installing SiteKiosk:

Michael Olbrich
Re: Install SiteKiosk Freezed 04.11.2019 13:12

thanks for you quick reply. we ll test the installation with your recommandations.

Re: Install SiteKiosk Freezed 04.11.2019 14:53
we have tried with your instructions still the same issue.
the dos command still freezed when trying to set user right on folder "cache" in sitekiosk user that doesn't exist

when doing your test please make sur that sitekiosk user doesn't exist

Re: Install SiteKiosk Freezed 04.11.2019 14:59
Neither the Windows user nor the user folder SiteKiosk did exist when I did the test.

What is the name of your machine (Windows computer name)?
Did you setup special policies that restricts the user rights of the user you install SiteKiosk with?
What other software products are installed?
Do you get the SiteKiosk installer dialog (where you can select the installer language) or does the problem occur later?

Also not that the command line window you start the installer (sitekiosk9.exe) with is blocked until the child process (installing SiteKiosk) has finished.
Re: Install SiteKiosk Freezed 04.11.2019 15:00
Please also check if it works when doing a "normal" installation (without usign the command line).
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