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The library browser

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The library browser

All the folder contents you selected in file browser are automatically saved to the database. Once saved, the database contents can be linked and shown according to certain criteria.

The individual database structures can be compared to a virtual environment. All the changes you make in this environment do not affect the file structure physically stored on your computer.

Click on the "Library" button in the main window to open the library browser before clicking on the library folder. The folder labels are divided into different characteristics:

Library Browser top groups

Library Browser top groups

File view "By entry date"

If, for instance, you click on the folder "By entry date"->"2007", the thumbnail view will show all 2007 thumbnails stored in the database.

File view "By albums"

By default, the album group contains the "Clipboard" and the "My best Photos" album. Apart from these two albums, you can create as many albums and sub-albums within the group and fill them with your pictures.

File view "By categories"

The "Categories" folder is split up into different sub-categories such as party, hobby, family, art, etc. and can easily be extended by other categories.

library browser bottom groups

library browser bottom groups

File view "By rating"

You can use the folder group "By rating" to view all images that have been rated with a certain number of stars.

File view "By view counter"

The user group "By view counter" shows you the images that have been viewed most often (top 100) and least often (bottom 100) in Pictomio.

File view "By image information"

You can use the higher-level folder "By image information" to display files by certain properties that are stored in the EXIF values on JPEG images. These included, for example, lists sorted by device manufacturer, device model, exposure, aperture, exposure program, focal length, etc.
In order for these specific properties to display, your camera must be capable of storing this data while you capture your images.

File view "By alphabetic keyword index"

Choose the folder "Alphabetic keyword index" to view files alphabetically according to the file descriptions (keywords) you created.

File view "By medium (DVD, CD, drive or stick)"

This folder group provides you with a quick view of the files stored on various different media, e.g. hard disk drives, network drives, USB sticks, CDs or DVDs.

File view "By search queries"

Since this group automatically stores the search queries entered in the search bar, you can repeat these queries quickly and easily at a later point in time.

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