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Support Request: Exiting SK using a password


Hi, we are looking to expand our usage of your software onto Android tablets. We currently us the Windows version which works great.
We would like to replicate how we use SK onto tablet devices (they'll load 1 website, used as a 'check-in' solution).
The website we run on the devices has its own keyboard on screen build into the webpage meaning there is no need for the popup android keyboard, so we disable it, however we also need to secure the device with a password when exiting SK. After swiping to all 4 corners the login prompt appears and at that point we need to type in the password, however there is no keyboard. How can we secure android tablet devices with a password and also not have the android keyboard popping up on any screen other than the SK login prompt? Many thanks, Andrew.

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Re: Exiting SK using a password 01/02/2021 12:26

There is no setting in SiteKiosk to enable or disable the Android osk. Therefore you may check of you can disable the Android keyboard with any code on your web page so that it is not displayed when using your web page (I don’t know if that is possible) or check if you can connect a hardware keyboard when you want to exit SiteKiosk.

Alternatively you use SiteRemote ( to close SiteKiosk Android remotely.
More information about SiteRemote:

Michael Olbrich
Re: Exiting SK using a password 01/02/2021 14:03
Thanks for the quick response Michael. It's very helpful and answers my question.
Re: Exiting SK using a password 01/02/2021 14:19
Thank you for your feedback.