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Support Request: Microphone did not work in with Microsoft Teams web app


Microphone is not working if you open it via Sitekiosk chrome theme. Camera works well with it. We changed to 3 diferent microphpnes same problem... If you are not using sitekiosk app, we can call with teams and microphone works well. What can it be ?

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Re: Microphone did not work in with Microsoft Teams web app 13/01/2021 10:24

This issue was already reported by another customer and was reproducible. The website worked completely until around the end of December, but then Microsoft apparently changed something in the web code so that the audio transfer no longer worked in SiteKiosk Browser..

Our developer investigated the matter, but unfortunately there was no usable error code or the like to find out the cause of the problem.
It also turned out that the sound transmission in teams does not work in the underlying Chromium CEF application (without SiteKiosk) either. It shows the same behavior.

Therefore, our hands are unfortunately tied in this regard. Since the problem seems to have been caused by changes made by Microsoft to the website code, we still hope that the problem will be fixed when the Teams website is updated next time.

Otherwise, you may be able to try the video meeting on the web via Skype. Thus, everything worked fine under SiteKiosk as well.

Or you may check if there is an application for this (.exe) and add it to SiteKiosk (SiteKiosk configuration>Applications).

Michael Olbrich