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Support Request: Sitekiosk taskbar


Not all windows that open up show in the taskbar. Example would be if you open up Internet Explorer's Internet Options, it doesn't show internet options as a window in the taskbar. How can i have all windows show in the taskbar?

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Re: Sitekiosk taskbar 06/01/2021 21:40

Thank you for your inquiry. Could you confirm if you are working with external application or another browser window? User's will never have access to Internet Options with SiteKiosk running Metro IE Skin. By default, as long as the program was launched by SiteKiosk it will show up in the taskbar notification area. You can find this check box in Configuration>>Start Page & Browser>>Advanced>>General Display Options. This is the same for both IE and Chrome in SiteKiosk.

Best regards,
Re: Sitekiosk taskbar 06/01/2021 21:56
Internet Options is just an example of a window that doesn't appear in the taskbar. Actual issue is with a healthcare application virtualized with citrix and I'm using a customized version of the Portal Startpage.

Issue occurs with Metro IE Skin and the Default skin.

I can see the application(and Internet Options) in the taskbar outside of Sitekiosk.

I have the below settings:
Display Taskbar - enabled
Display windows of other applications in taskbar - enabled
Display only programs in notification area that were launched by sitekiosk - disabled
Re: Sitekiosk taskbar 06/01/2021 22:00
and actually disregard the Internet Options comment. I don't think that shows up in regular windows taskbar either.
Re: Sitekiosk taskbar 06/01/2021 22:15
Additional note: the window class shows as "Transparent Windows Client"
Re: Sitekiosk taskbar 06/01/2021 22:37

Thank you for your response. In searching for a solution, I was about to ask that question. There is a checkbox in General Options, "Keep SiteKiosk main window in the background" (default for Chrome browser). If that does not help with bringing the window forward, you could explore these options, but there are NO GUARANTEES:

Try an Application element in Start Screen. If the application is already launched or minimized it will bring it forward, when element is selected. See tutorial video link below:

Here is an extended watch dog script to keep an application open in case it was accidentally closed. You may need to be a bit familiar with JavaScript.
(Coding customization support is not provided - examples are provided as-is)
DevBlog Post -
List of more window methods you could use -

Information on how SiteKiosk handles external applications:

Note: Version 9.6 is out of support, test with the newest version in case a fix for your issue may have been provided.

Hopefully this information would help.

Best regards,
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