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Misc: NV200 Smart Payout


Hello, we would like to use NV200 Smart payout recycler (CCTalk, USB interface) and a GW200 coin change giver together in a kiosk as a change payout solution. Is this device (NV200 Payout) supported by SiteKiosk and in this configuration?

Br, Dino.

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Re: NV200 Smart Payout 05/05/2020 15:23

The NV200 was never tested with SiteKiosk but it might work as inpayment device configured through ccTalk.

The only tested and supported solution to return remaining balance in SiteKiosk is using the EMP800 coin selector with the GW 200 change giver.
Further information “6. Combination: EMP800 coin selector + GW 200 change giver”:

List of supported devices:

You can test everything before purchasing any license.
SiteKiosk Download:
System requirements:

Note that you need to choose an IE based skin (e.g. Metro IE) as payment devices are not supported with Chrome Browser skin.

Michael Olbrich