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Welcome to the Pictomio Help Wiki!

This Wiki is a web-based, free content help project for Pictomio.
Visitors do not need specialized qualifications to contribute, since their primary role is to write articles which will help us to spread the knowledge about Pictomio and photo editing in general.

There is no need to worry about accidentally damaging this Wiki when adding or improving information, as other editors are always around to advise or correct obvious errors.

Use pictoGEO for free with this license key: WNXKRX-YRKAH4-VLUUWH-F4GD9G-NXLLNA


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pictomio pictoGEO Edit

Translating Pictomio into other languages

We are currently looking for native speakers of different languages who would like to help us translate the Pictomio user interface. The current translation status and a description of the translation process can be found here: Help us to translate Pictomio.

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